New York Comic Con 2012 – Day Three and Cosplay of the Day


Saturday at Comic Con There is very little in life that can prepare you for a Saturday at Comic Con. Maybe a rush hour 4 train, when there is home game at Yankee Stadium, or Times Square at midnight on December 31st? Let’s just say it takes a bit of stamina to get through the … Continue reading

The New 52 – Running Down Week THREE of the DC Relaunch


OK, you know the drill by now. Each week DC has 13 books.  Here’s where I go through them and tell you what I think. If you are keeping score it breaks down like this ON MY PULL LIST: 14 INTERESTED IN ISSUE TWO : 5 ON THE FENCE: 2 NOT LIKELY TO CONTINUE 5 … Continue reading

Read of the Week! 4/27/11

JUSTICE LEAGUE Generation Lost #24 Story: Judd Winick Pencils: Aaron Lopresti Inks: Matt Ryan Cover: Dustin Nguyen Alt Cover: Kevin Maguire & HiFi Publisher: DC A $4.99 Comic 48 pgs It’s on. Finally. The JLI vs. Max Lord. God I wish the current JLA book was this good. But I am not going to waste … Continue reading

Exile’s Read of the Week 3/9/11

SUPERBOY #5 Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Pier Gallo Cover: Eddy Barrows, JP Mayer & Grant Alternate Cover: Francis Manapul Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic It was a particularly good week for comics, and picking a Read of the Week was a difficult one. (Unlike the past couple of weeks, where, while decent, there was no … Continue reading

Exile on Comics – The Pull List – 1/13/10

Wow. Where did this week go? – check out Exile’s Read of the Week THE POWER OF SHAZAM! – OK so this is a little late, sorry. It was a busy week – both in comics, and in the Exile’s life (been reading my other blog? The link is my intro check it out -> … Continue reading

Exile’s Read of the Week 12/10/09

BOOSTER GOLD #27 Story: Dan Jurgens Art: Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund Cover: Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund Publisher: DC Wow, I have to stop going out and getting a life -  I know how much all 9 of you out there are waiting for my top pick for the week. Once again, I am … Continue reading

Book of the Week – 10/14/09

Booster Gold Writer: Dan Jurgens Art: Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund Co feature – Blue Beetle Writer: Matt Sturges Art: Mike Norton Cover: Dan Jurgens and Norm Rapmund Publisher: DC I love me some time travel. And I love my funny books when they are funny. So Booster Gold brings two of my favorite things … Continue reading


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