Valentine’s Day – Our 10 Favorite Couples in Comics, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy

It’s Valentine’s Day and love is the air. In celebration of the holiday, we count down our favorite couples from comics, science fiction and fantasy.  Is your favorite on the list? Tell us what you think. 10.  The Doctor and the TARDIS  – DOCTOR WHO Some of you would probably say Rose Tyler or River Song, or even Sarah Jane Smith, but none of his traveling assistants ever stay with the Doctor any where near as long as his constant companion, the that temperamental, run-down, borrowed, type-40 time capsule known as the TARDIS. It’s when the TARDIS’ matrix is removed … Continue reading

4 Awesome years of #CHUCK in 7.5 minutes

So you haven’t been listening to the Exile these past few years and you haven’t been watching CHUCK, the awesome Spy-fi Rom-Com on NBC.  SHAME ON YOU. Well now you have been  told by so many fans of the show that you really should tune in.  And you’ve thought about, but you figured the shows been on for 4 years, it’s probably to confusing to get into it. So why bother?  Well the Producers of CHUCK were thinking of you at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and put together this AWESOME series recap which pretty much tells you … Continue reading


CHUCK Season Premiere – 9-11pm Sunday Jan 11, 2010 Chuck vs. the Pink Slip Chuck vs. the Three Words Regular Timeslot 8pm Mondays begining Jan 12, 2010 Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte Starring: Zachary Levi Yvonne Strahovski Joshua Gomez Ryan McPartlin Sarah Lancaster and Adam Baldwin Created by Josh Schwartz   Our Score: Chuck vs the Pink Slip – 8/10 Chuck vs the Three Words – 7.5/10 Chuck vs the Angel de la Muerte – 9/10 If CHUCK was on Fox, this weekend’s premiere would have been trumpeted as a 2 Night, 3hour event. Being NBC, I suppose we … Continue reading