4 Awesome years of #CHUCK in 7.5 minutes


So you haven’t been listening to the Exile these past few years and you haven’t been watching CHUCK, the awesome Spy-fi Rom-Com on NBC.  SHAME ON YOU. Well now you have been  told by so many fans of the show that you really should tune in.  And you’ve thought about, but you figured the shows … Continue reading

#Chuck versus the A-Team, a Geek-view

Chuck 1

“These have a camera that scans for any bio residue” “Yuck, sounds like a CBS show.” Well Chuck, those CBS shows must be doing something right, since there are like 30 of them. Of course Chuck does a few thing right too, but of late the show has been uneven.  Some say that the removal … Continue reading

The best of the Geektube this week… All in favor of giant ears?


This week saw the return of two big genre TV series, and set up a showdown for viewers on the night fewer people watch TV on than any other. And I don’t really watch either one of them.  So I don’t really care. That’s right, I am not a regular viewer of either FRINGE or … Continue reading

Exile on TV – Chuck – Hart-felt Homage – Video – NBC.com

Chuck – Hart-felt Homage – Video – NBC.com.


CHUCK Season Premiere – 9-11pm Sunday Jan 11, 2010 Chuck vs. the Pink Slip Chuck vs. the Three Words Regular Timeslot 8pm Mondays begining Jan 12, 2010 Chuck vs. the Angel de la Muerte Starring: Zachary Levi Yvonne Strahovski Joshua Gomez Ryan McPartlin and Adam Baldwin Created by Josh Schwartz If CHUCK was on Fox, … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube – Quickie – CHUCK MARATHON!

Syfy will be doing a 8 hr Chuck marathon on Thursday Jan 7 from 5Pm to 1Am. 8 episodes from season 2, including my favorite Chuck vs. the Seduction, guest starring John Larroquette at 6pm to get your personal intersect up to date before season 3 kicks off this Sunday. I still think they should … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube – 2009 recap

2009 had been a banner year for geeks on TV. Scifi/Fantasy programing has benefited from several high profile film and television projects of late (The success of The Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, and Batman films, the engaging story telling done by shows like BSG, Heroes and Lost) and the technological advances in effects. Here … Continue reading

So you want to be a deadly spy? Or Just Awesome? Here’s how.

John Casey’s “So you want to be a deadly spy?” If you can’t kill a goat, how can you kill a man and Captain Awesome’s tips to being awesome. CHUCK season 2 DVD and Blue ray is out January 5th.

Chuck Season 3 Promo

There are a bunch of new promos for the coming third season of Chuck at NBC.com Here is the latest. See the rest, and catch up on episodes before Season 3 begins  in January at NBC.com


Straight from the OFFICIAL CHUCK Page on Facebook, here is the Season 3 Poster! CHUCK returns on NBC with a two hour premiere on SUNDAY JAN 10, and then returns to its home on Mondays at 8pm Eastern, beginning Jan 11.


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