New Doctor Who Comics in 2014!


If you know me at all you know that the two things I geek out the most about are comic books and Doctor Who.  So you know when I can talk about both at the same time I am one very happy geek. When it was announced last year that IDW would be losing the Doctor … Continue reading

It’s official – Tennant and Piper in the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special

Doctor's 10 and 11

The BBC officially announced a (partial) cast list for this fall’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, and to no one’s real surprise, David Tennant has been confirmed as appearing.  How ever, there was a second somewhat unexpected name announced.  No,  not him.  Billie Piper will be along with Tennant when the two Doctors meet up … Continue reading

IDW to produce 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Maxi-Series

drwho potfi

IDW has produced some pretty cool Doctor Who comics, not to mention the Doctor Who/Star Trek the Next Generation crossover they are currently putting out (Issue 6 (of 8) will be out this week!), and have recently relaunched the ongoing title with Andy Diggle writing and art by Mark Buckingham. Now they are joining in … Continue reading


2 ponds

Today in the UK the BBC aired it’s annual Children in Need  Comic Relief “Red Nose Day” Special. As part of the special, 2 Doctor Who mini episodes aired  the first one being called  “SPACE” the second being “TIME”. Now these are for charity, so if you can, go donate. By American standards, these scenes … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube – Doctor Who:The End of Time Part 2

DOCTOR WHO The End of Time Part 2 BBC (1 January) (BBC America 2 January) Starring: David Tennant, John Simm with Bernard Cribbins and Timothy Dalton Written by Russell T. Davies Directed by Euros Lyn It’s the end of time for the 10th Doctor. Something is returning. Something big. The thing is, for all the … Continue reading


Beginning at 12 AM on Friday  January 1st (right after the ball drops in Times Square) and running right thru until 8pm on Saturday January 2nd BBC America will be running a Doctor Who Marathon, starting with the Christmas Invasion (I wonder if they will include the 2005 Children in Need Cutaway) and will go … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube – Doctor Who: The End of Time Part 1

DOCTOR WHO The End of Time Part 1 BBC (25 December) (BBC America 26 December) Starring: David Tennant, John Simm and Bernard Cribbins Written by Russell T. Davies Directed by Euros Lyn “It is the end, but the moment has been prepared for…” Those were the final words of the 4th Doctor (Tom Baker) in … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube – Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars

DOCTOR WHO The Waters of Mars BBC (15 Nov) (BBC America 19 Dec) Starring: David Tennant, and Lindsey Duncan Written by Russell T. Davies and Phil Fold Directed by Graeme Harper The Red Planet. Mars. That is the setting of this latest Doctor Who Special, the second special of 2009. The Doctor has stumbled into … Continue reading

More Doctor Who Christmas greetings

Here is  another BBC1 Holiday ident featuring David Tennant as The Doctor

Another Holiday message from the Doctor.

The BBC is having a lot of fun with David Tennant as he prepares to leave the TARDIS. Here is a look at the latest Holiday station ID, now running on BBC1 in the UK (No word if it’s playing on BBCAmerica as well, yet)


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