Staff Picks – What’s New for August 13, 2014


  It’s Wednesday.  You know what that means.     There are over 450 different items headed to your local comic shop this week (when you include all the variant covers, re-solicitations, magazines and collectables. Here is what we think will be the best of the best.   TOP OF THE STACK Archer & Armstrong #23 – Valiant Comics Writers: Fred Van Lente Art: Pere Perez What Valiant says: THE END IS NEAR HERE! Archer … Continue reading

DC Bricks It Up With Lego Covers


  DC has announced that November’s alternative cover theme will be Lego. The latest in a long line of alternative covers from DC will tie in with the release of LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham game, coming out November 30.   There will be a total of 22 books sporting the building brick mini-fig covers, showcasing most of the DCU’s major characters.   DC has scattered previews of all the covers across the web, like an … Continue reading

Staff Picks – Comics for August 6, 2014

STaff picks

Ok,  it’s been a crazy summer here, and we haven’t had a chance to keep you in the loop of what’s coming up each week at your local comic shop.   We’re sorry about that.  But we are back, and it’s Wednesday,  so what do you say we tell what’s good this week. Harbinger: Omegas #1 – Valiant Comics Writers: Joshua Dysart Art: Rafael Sandoval What Valiant says: “It matters not how man dies, but how … Continue reading

Arrow Gets A Manhunter this Fall


  So what Marvel has a sprawling cinematic universe spanning 12 movies, it will be 9 months before we see the next one.  While you’re waiting, check out the ever-growing superhero universe on the CW’s Arrow (and it’s spinoff, The Flash) this fall! David Cubitt (Medium, Bates Motel) will be appearing as Mark Shaw in the third episode of Arrow this fall. In the comics Mark Shaw is known as the Manhunter. In Arrow, Shaw will … Continue reading

SDCC14 – DC’s Heading to Multiversity this Fall


It’s been in the works for more than 6 years,  and now finally Grant Morrison’s limited series exploring DC’s extended continuity, The Multiversity will be heading to your local comic shops this fall. Fans got their first look at DC’s panel for the event. On hand was the Scottish mastermind behind it all, Morrison along with artist Cameron Stewart, and editor Eddie Berganza.  There they gave those on hand the first glimpse of the event that … Continue reading