CW Superhero Team-up Series To Spin Out Of Arrow/Flash. Three New Characters to be Added.


Update – show creator Greg Berlanti has confirmed that thrid Arrowverse series is in the works, and it will be a team up series Yes, we’re creating a spinoff from #Arrow and #TheFlash and couldn’t be more excited by the cast signing on. More to come. #SuperheroTeamUp — Greg Berlanti (@GBerlanti) February 27, 2015 It seems that lately we can’t go a week without news of another comic book character getting a TV series or movie.    It’s gotten to be so much lately, that we hear in Geeksville are getting worried we might be getting too much of good thing.   … Continue reading

Grodd is Coming!


  Today Barry Allen has to deal with women.  One, a woman he’s pining for.  Another, a friend who’s hurting, while a third offering something new.  Oh yeah, and one who robs banks and teleports. But from the episodes final moments we see Barry is soon going to have bigger things to deal with, an super smart 800lb Gorilla.  One he won’t be able to ignore. Did you see him, there in shadows popping up in the end of this week’s episode?   If not, here’s a picture we ran thru the enhancer. If you haven’t seen it yet,  this is … Continue reading

Up and ATOM, Brandon Routh Suits Up For Action.


  It’s been a long time coming, but billionaire industrialist Ray Palmer trade his power ties for a powersuit, when he dons his A.T.O.M. suit in the February 25th episode of Arrow, Routh is no stranger to super-suits of course.  Back in 2006 he wore the most famous one (red briefs and all) when he played the Man of Steel in Superman Returns.  But now we get a look at him in his sporting a different set of red and blues. We know this suit is high tech, but it isn’t quite clear if this suit will actually allow Ray … Continue reading

CBS Finds Their Girl.


And she is Super. Warner Brothers has cast Glee actress Melissa Benoist as the Maid of Might, Supergirl.  The latest DC character to held to the small screen received a series commitment from CBS, which doesn’t guarantee it a series pick up up, but shows the Tiffany Network is strongly interested in the show.  Supergirl will tell the story of Kara Zor-el, the cousin of Kal-el, who is better known as Superman.  The show will feature known Superman characters like Jimmy Olsen. Like her cousin, Kara came to Earth after the planet Krypton’s destruction.  She was also raised by a … Continue reading

Will Supergirl Fly to TV?


It looks like another DC comic character may turn up on the small screen soon. Deadline reports that Supergirl will be  the next comicbook adaptedby Arrow and Flash producer Greg Berlanti. If the show makes it to the air, The Maid of Might will be the highest profile female superhero character to headline a TV show or a movie.  Berlanti  is working with Ali Adler, to develop the show.  Adler is no stranger to genre TV.  She was a writer and producer of Berlanti’s No Ordinary Family, as well as on shows like (Geekville favorite) Chuck. Berlanti tapped Adler  to … Continue reading