DC Convergence On The Horizon

  DC Comics is counting down to a crisis again, with a Convergence on the horizon. Convergence, 2015’s event for the nation’s oldest comics publisher will drawn upon the company’s almost 80 year history, while forging a new future for the world’s greatest superheroes.  Beginning in Convergence #0 on April 1, the story spins out two of DC’s current weekly series,  The New 52: Futures End and Earth 2: World’s End.  For 9 weeks the New 52 will go on break, and will publish 40 miniseries in April and May.  Each two-part story will visit different versions of the DC … Continue reading

Happy New Universe! The DC Relaunch from Times Square.

Flashpoint #5 is now out, and so is Justice League #1. To celebrate, DC took over Midtown Comics’ west side location where lucky fans were able to purchase the books at midnight and meet writer Geoff Johns, and penciller Jim Lee. Over 700 fans lined up along West 40th street, between Seventh and Eight Avenues, just south of Times Square in New York City. Some fans arrived as early as 11:15 that morning, coming from as far away as Madrid, Spain to have the chance to meet Johns and Lee, and be among the first to buy these two history … Continue reading

Read of the Week – FLASHPOINT # 5

FLASHPOINT #5 (w) Geoff Johns (a) Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Jesse Delperdang Cover –  Andy Kubert, Sandra Hope and Alex Sinclair DC Comics a $3.99 comic 40 pgs After a long summer, DC’s Flashpoint series came to its final conclusion with issue 5, on comic stands today. And what an ending it was. Flashpoint, and its numerous supporting series were all entertaining, but from a story standpoint, they had seem to be more summer blockbuster popcorn fair, which is fine, since it was summer and all. It had all the noise and color and adrenaline that would expect to … Continue reading

A Lost Legacy? The End of an Era.

As the DC Universe nears it’s latest rebirth, there are still some questions nagging me.  Most of them are little things that I am sure will work themselves out to some level of satisfaction.  How long has Batman be operating in secret?  Who were the original Titans?  Other questions are nagging at me a little.  What is up with Wally West?  Was there an original (or any other) Crisis?  Of course, my biggest doubt deals with all thing Justice Society. It seems of late, that DC has decided to forgo the rich history it has, to focus on the now.  … Continue reading

Read of the Week – 7/6/11

FLASHPOINT BATMAN KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE #2 (of 3) Story: Brian Azzarello Art: Eduardo Risso Cover: Dave Johnson Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic 32 pgs FLASHPOINT has officially kicked it into high gear. Of course  Flash and Cyborg have some big things going on over in Geoff John’s FLASHPOINT #3, but it’s Batman’s story in KNIGHT OF VENGEANCE that has officially blown my mind.  Azzarello and Risso must be enjoying how the reaction to the divergent Batman tale.   Gotham’s Dark Knight is still surrounded by the familiar faces, in strangely familiar but oddly different roles.    Jim Gordan is still Batman’s … Continue reading