Staff Picks – What To Get This Week, Wednesday February 18

  We know there are a lot of choices each week, as literally hundreds of comics come out, and you couldn’t be blamed if you didn’t know what to get. Here’s a few suggestions from your fellow comic fans here in Geeksville on what to get on your trip to your local comic shop this Wednesday. TOP OF THE STACK Multiversity: Mastermen #1 – DC Comics Writer: Grant Morrison Art: Jim Lee & Scott Williams What DC Comics says: Superstar writer Grant Morrison joins legendary artist Jim Lee on Earth-10 for one of the most dynamic, action-packed issues of this entire … Continue reading

The New 52 – The Final Rundown – Week 4 of the New 52

The final week of DC’s relaunch number 1’s Sorry for the delay, It was a busy week last week.  It was my birthday, and the finally of Doctor Who needed watching, plus playoff Baseball and College Football, I was  pretty busy. So now all of the DC New 52 series are out.  We do still have a JSA book coming (YES) and the Shade 12 issue maxi-series too (YES!). Also there are miniseries featuring the Huntress and the Ray on the way. But what did I think about the 4th week of DC’s relaunch? It was by far the best … Continue reading

The New 52 – Running Down Week 1 of the DC Relaunch

It’s been a pretty busy here in Geeksville, what with a whole new DC universe to look over. I’ll go into more detail soon, but I just wanted to run thru the first offerings of DC’s relaunched line, ranking them first to worst with some quick thoughts, so let’s get right to it, huh? Now in general I was very satisfied with the first week of the New 52.   If I had unlimited funds, I would stick with all of these books for the first 4, to see where they go.  But since money is an issue, I’ll need to … Continue reading

Read of the Week – Secret Six #36

 SECRET SIX #36 Story: Gail Simone Art and Cover:  J. Calafiore Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic 32 pgs I have not always been a big fan of books centered around villains. As a rule, it’s hard to keep the momentum up, and keep them interesting as villains.  They usually end up as “anti-heroes”, and even become somewhat heroic, kinda like what happened to Deathstroke for a while.  What is an anti-hero, anyway?  A villain, right? Yes?  No?  Like the saying goes, the villain is the hero in his own story. Anyway, Secret Six managed to buck the trend, and kept  … Continue reading

Exile’s Read of the Week 2/2/11

Secret Six #30 Story: Gail Simone Art: Jim Calafiore Cover: Cliff Chang Publisher:DC A $2.99 Comic Cross overs between two ongoing titles are tricky things, characters and plot threads that have been going, now you have to take into consideration another writer’s characteriztion and plot threads!  Now these things happen often in certain title families (the Bat/Super/Spider books, etc)  but sometimes they happen between two books that aren’t obvious pairings (I recall a Starman/Shazam cross over that seemed odd, but mostly for art reasons, not story reasons)  These issues are ever harder with team books.  When they are done wrong … Continue reading