NYCC 2014 – Day Three – Interviews, Cosplay, and Contests

The Third Day of Comic Con, Saturday… Total Fan-demonium. Today I got to speak with Fred Van Lente and Clayton Henry, where we got to talk about their upcoming Ivar, Timewalker from Valiant Comics, as well as Archer & Armstrong, The Delinquents and some other fun stuff (Look for that interview soon). I also sat down with the magic man himself, Matt Ryan, as well as Angélica Celaya (Zed) and Executive Producer, David S. Goyer, where we talked about the newest DC TV series, Constantine, which debuts on Friday October 24th, at 10pm on NBC. The highlight of the day … Continue reading

The New 52 – Running Down Week THREE of the DC Relaunch

OK, you know the drill by now. Each week DC has 13 books.  Here’s where I go through them and tell you what I think. If you are keeping score it breaks down like this ON MY PULL LIST: 14 INTERESTED IN ISSUE TWO : 5 ON THE FENCE: 2 NOT LIKELY TO CONTINUE 5 You’ll notice I am including Justice League in this batch.   Yes, it came out on August 31st, but it’s designated a “3rd week” book, so issue two will not come out until October 19th, with the rest of the books listed below. This week was … Continue reading

The New 52 – Running Down Week 1 of the DC Relaunch

It’s been a pretty busy here in Geeksville, what with a whole new DC universe to look over. I’ll go into more detail soon, but I just wanted to run thru the first offerings of DC’s relaunched line, ranking them first to worst with some quick thoughts, so let’s get right to it, huh? Now in general I was very satisfied with the first week of the New 52.   If I had unlimited funds, I would stick with all of these books for the first 4, to see where they go.  But since money is an issue, I’ll need to … Continue reading

Read of the Week!- War of the Green Lanterns Aftermath

WAR OF THE GREEN LANTERNS AFTERMATH #1 (of 2) Story: Tony Bedard Art: Miguel Sepulveda and Tyler Kirkman Cover: Dave Johnson Alt Cover: Sepulveda w/ Randy Mayor Publisher: DC A $3.99 Comic 40 pgs There is a lot going on over at DC these days, what with the “New 52” coming, which begs the question, does anything going on in any of the DCU books matter for the future? The line from DC is “Yes, most of what we know is not changing, rather, it’s a streamlining”  Now of course if you have read some of the solicits you might … Continue reading

Exiled on… the Read of the Week 11/11/09

Green Lantern Corps #42 Story: Peter Tomasi Art: Patrick Gleason & Rebecca Buchman with Tom Nguyen Cover:Patrick Gleason, Rebecca Buchman, and Randy Mayor Publisher: DC The war of light rages on in this latest chapter of the Blackest Night saga.  It doesn’t look good as the Black Lanterns have  overrun Oa.   Green Lanterns all over the planet are facing both physical and psychological horrors from undead comrades.  Just as the undead army is pressing it’s advantage, they suddenly and mysteriously they disengage the fight and go straight at the Great Battery looking to “devour will”. (Of course the Green Lanterns … Continue reading