New York Comic Con 2013 – Day 1 in review.

NYCC Day 1 10/10/13

It was a good day to be in Geeksville.   Today, the BBC announced the discovery of 9 previously thought lost forever Doctor Who episodes from the Patrick Troughton era,  The University of Michigan hockey season began with a win, and today was the first day of New York Comic Con. We have been busy outside … Continue reading

New York Comic Con 2012 – Day Three and Cosplay of the Day


Saturday at Comic Con There is very little in life that can prepare you for a Saturday at Comic Con. Maybe a rush hour 4 train, when there is home game at Yankee Stadium, or Times Square at midnight on December 31st? Let’s just say it takes a bit of stamina to get through the … Continue reading

Han Solo – Not a Fan of Gangnam Style


Ok, I am  not exactly sure what Gangnam style really is (I know it’s some sort of Asian technopop dance, right?  or maybe it’s a new toothpaste) From what I am seeing here, I full approve of Han Solo’s response.   Always shoot first.

Geeksville – Childhood for sale

Yes I am selling pieces of my childhood off a bit at time on ebay I started by posting 9 vintage star wars action figures, amazingly 5 went very quickly with BUY IT NOW (they were a mix of foreign carded and minor scuffed RTOJ or POTF1 cards) but there are still 4 left! Including … Continue reading


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