Heroes are Reborn at SDCC15

You can never keep a hero down, or Heroes, as the case may be. At Sunday’s panel for the 13 episode miniseries Heroes Reborn,  the 6000+ Hall H crowd got their first look at the sequel series, and they did not leave dissappointed.  Heroes was a huge surprise hit for NBC back in 2006, and ran four seasons, though some fans may say that the show peaked early and grew tired, story-wise.  Show runner Tim Kring wants you all to know, “We’ve had a long rest, a good night’s sleep, and we are ready to save the world again.” The show … Continue reading

Heroes Reborn Super Bowl Tease

  The Super Bowl, when millions of people around the world, gather around their television sets, to watch as the auto industry, Hollywood, and Dot Com’s  all try to sell you on their latest wares. Oh, yeah  there is a football game too. NBC, which aired the game this year, aired a 15 second teaser for their upcoming sequel mini-series Heroes Reborn, a follow up to the 2006 surprise hit show Heroes, which ran for 4 seasons and 78 episodes. The show, which hasn’t begun production yet, will air sometime in late 2015.   There will be 13 episodes.     … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube – 2009 recap

2009 had been a banner year for geeks on TV. Scifi/Fantasy programing has benefited from several high profile film and television projects of late (The success of The Lord of the Rings, Spiderman, and Batman films, the engaging story telling done by shows like BSG, Heroes and Lost) and the technological advances in effects. Here are some of the High and Low lights from genre television, in my opinion from 2009 High Lights Battlestar Galactica found it’s lost mojo!  Season 4 had started slow in 2008, but when it finally returned in January, it came back with a bang (literally, … Continue reading

Exiled on… the Tube Highlights 11/12 – 11/18

What happened on TV this week… Thursday on …Flashforward – The British guy who played Steve on Coupling (BBC version) cheats at poker against he British guy who played Charlie on Lost. Oh and they caused they Black Out Steve wants to tell the world Charlie doesn’t and they played poker to decide who would get their way. …The Office – The business may be going under… So Michael hosts a Murder Mystery party in the office. The new receptionist is cute tho. …Sarah Jane Adventures – The Mona Lisa comes to life, and she is pissed! Kinda bummed that … Continue reading

Exiled on… the Tube Highlights 11/5-11/11

What happened on TV this week…. Well the word from Michael Ausiello is that ‘Dollhouse is axed“… And word elsewhere says Fringe may not be too far behind also Ausiello is reporting a Smallville movie event… Actually it just sounds like they are just gonna air two related episodes back to back,  the bonus is its the SOCIETY and  LEGENDS episodes penned by comic book scribe Geoff Johns. V, ABC’s alien invasion remake ratings were of 29% from their 14million premiere, but as the press release says V  still beat Fox and NBC BBC America announced it will air Doctor … Continue reading