IDW to produce 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Maxi-Series

drwho potfi

IDW has produced some pretty cool Doctor Who comics, not to mention the Doctor Who/Star Trek the Next Generation crossover they are currently putting out (Issue 6 (of 8) will be out this week!), and have recently relaunched the ongoing title with Andy Diggle writing and art by Mark Buckingham. Now they are joining in … Continue reading

STAR TREK and DOCTOR WHO to crossover via IDW


It was only a matter of time. Two of the most popular science fiction franchises ever will finally official crossover this May as the crew of the Enterprise-D and the TARDIS will meet courtesy of IDW Publishing in Star Trek: the Next Generation/Doctor Who : Assimilation2. Officially announced today by, the series will feature … Continue reading

Eisner Award Winners Named

The winners of the 2011 Eisner Awards were announced at the 2011 San Diego Comic Con.It was the 23 year that the Eisner Awards were given out. Awards were given in 28 categories. IDW Publishingwon a total of 5 awards of the 12 nominations it received, highlighted by Best Writer, Joe Hill for Locke & … Continue reading

Star Trek meets the Legion of Superheroes


IDW Publishing has announced their first inter-company crossover with DC Comics, and it’s a doozy alright. The crew of the Enterprise (the original one, no A, B, C, D, or E, or even a JJ) meets the Legion of Superheroes (again, the original ones, not any of the various rebooted versions) It’s the kind of … Continue reading

Read of the Week – 4/20/11


ZATANNA #12 Story: Matt Sturges Art: Stephane Roux, Covers: Amanda Conner Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic I can’t say I have a strong history with the Maid of Magic, Zatanna.  She was a character I was familiar with, but she always seemed more of supporting character, but thanks to Paul Dini’s love for the character, … Continue reading

Exile’s Read of the Week – The Mystery Society #1

MYSTERY SOCIETY #1 (of 5) Story: STEVE NILES Art: FIONA STAPLES Cover: ASHLEY WOODS Publisher: IDW PUBLISHING “Origin stories are boring.” That’s what Mystery Society founder Nicholas Hammond tells a crowd of reporters clamoring for news as he is on his way to jail for everything from trespassing, to kidnapping and even murder. Nick Hammond … Continue reading


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