The New 52 – Running Down Week THREE of the DC Relaunch


OK, you know the drill by now. Each week DC has 13 books.  Here’s where I go through them and tell you what I think. If you are keeping score it breaks down like this ON MY PULL LIST: 14 INTERESTED IN ISSUE TWO : 5 ON THE FENCE: 2 NOT LIKELY TO CONTINUE 5 … Continue reading

5 Things I am Looking Forward to in the DCnU (and Few Things I’m Not)


So if you didn’t know today is the last day of the DC Comics line as it’s pretty much existed since 1986 (or 1994, or 2005, depending on your opinion) as the DCU relaunch (don’t call it a reboot!) begins today with JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 hitting stores (with many shops having midnight launch sales.) I … Continue reading

Valiant Efforts – Part 2

X-O is one bad...

Picking up from where we left off in Valiant Efforts – Part 1 In 1992 Valiant was the little company that could. Shooter & Company put together a core of 8 titles, and through their 18 part mega crossover Unity, exploded on to the national scene. 1993 was poised to be a big year for … Continue reading

The New 52 is coming


DC comics ambitious complete line reboot now has a home on the web. as part of the The Source, DC Comics online blog. The site feature a short video interview with some of DC’s higher ups like Publisher Dan Didio, Executive Editor Eddie Berganza, Editor in Chief Bob Harras, Publisher/Artist Jim Lee, and Writer … Continue reading

What’s ahead for the DC-NEW-U?

DC will be releasing 51 #1 comics in September 2011. This makes a total of 52, including JUSTICE LEAGUE #1 which comes out on August 31. Now we know the creative teams of the first 15. Being the “DC Guy” here at Comic Booked, I’d like to take a moment to give you my immediate … Continue reading

DC reboot – What does it mean?

DC officially announced today that they are going to be re-launching their entire superhero comic line this fall with 52 new number 1′s, beginning with a new Justice League #1 on August 31, with the rest of their books coming out in September 2011. Of course this will be the 5th reboot DC has done … Continue reading

@DC_Nation announces DC “NEW” U

Today DC officially announced that the conclusion of Flashpoint they will officially reboot the entire DC superhero comics line. All DCU titles, including Action, and Detective Comics will be restarted with new number 1 issues, and all of their characters, over 50 have been redesigned by Jim Lee  to make them more identifiable to the … Continue reading


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