Exile’s Pulllist – The Week of 3/10/10

I’m back, read where I have been here. Read Exile’s Read of the Week – Batman & Robin #10 Justice League:Rise and Fall #1 DC Story: J.T. Krul Art: Mike Mayhew, Digenes Neves and Fabrizio Fiorentino Dan Dido, DC’s publish has said often that in 2010, Green Arrow would be the character to watch. Well, clearly between Cry for Justice, and this one shot, Green Arrow has a lot of big things going on. Just not good things. Main Roy Harper, aka Red Arrow, aka Arsenal, aka Speedy, then kill that Roy’s 5 year old daughter, Lian, as part of … Continue reading

Exile’s Pull List for the week of 12/16/09

Click here to see what was the Exile’s Read of the Week – BATMAN 80 Page Giant The Pull List Is it me, or is anyone else suffering from Blackest Night fatigue? I am still enjoying the main book, and the Green Lantern issues, but some of these tie ins (REBELS anyone?) are not doing it for me so much. OK – on to the stack… Green Lantern Corps #43 Blackest Night tie in DC Story: Peter J Tomasi Art: Pat Gleason and Rebecca Buchman Green Lantern Kyle Rayner is dead! And Guy Gardner is mad as hell about it. … Continue reading

My Pull List – 10/21/09

My apologies, regular reader(s?), apparently I had a network issue uploading this last week. If you missed it – don’t forget to check out my featured Book of the Week – Power Girl! Blackest Night: Superman #3 DC Story: James Robinson Art: Eddy Barrows w/ Allan Goldman, Ruy José w/ Eber Ferreira The first Blackest Night supporting minis comes to an end. It ends just the way this book should, with you wanting the next chapter of the Blackest Night core book. It deal feel a little rushed, but such is the nature of 3 issue minis. Overall my favorite … Continue reading