The New 52 – The Final Rundown – Week 4 of the New 52

firestorm week 4

The final week of DC’s relaunch number 1’s Sorry for the delay, It was a busy week last week.  It was my birthday, and the finally of Doctor Who needed watching, plus playoff Baseball and College Football, I was  pretty busy. So now all of the DC New 52 series are out.  We do still have a JSA book coming (YES) and the Shade 12 issue maxi-series too (YES!). Also there are miniseries featuring the … Continue reading

Read of the Week. 5/4/11


Freedom Fighters #9 Story: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray Pencils: Travis Moore Inks: Trevor Scott Cover: Travis Moore, Walden Wong, with Passalaqua Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic 32 pgs First off, was anyone else kinda surprised Dark Horse did not have a Star Wars book shipping this week? Even though I haven’t been buying any Star Wars titles recently I really did want to check one out but sadly there was nothing new on the … Continue reading

Exile’s Read of the Week – 6/9/10 – Jonah Hex #56

JONAH HEX #56 Story: Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti Art Phil Winslade, C.P. Smith and others Cover: Darwyn Cooke Publisher: DC Comics If the movie can only be this good… Of course it won’t be. This is a book I thought about getting for a while, and with all the promotion surrounding the movie, I figured I’d check it out.  I love Justin and Jimmy’s work on Power Girl and I also really liked most … Continue reading

Exile’s Pulllist – 4/21/10

Right to the pull list this week – you know where to find my read of (last) week JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #44 DC Story: James Robinson Art: Mark Bagley and Rob Hunter So what happened to the team we were promised in is 42? Seriously, where the hell is the Justice League? It’s a good thing there are two Justice Society teams out there or the world would be up the creek. As it … Continue reading

Exile’s Pullist – Week of 3/24/10

Still getting all caught up – Just finishing this up before heading out to my LCB to pick up this week’s books. Did you read Exile’s Read of the Week ? – Doctor Who #9 So what else came out last week? Green Lantern #52 A Blackest Night Tie In DC Story: Geoff Johns Art: Doug Mahnke and Christian Alamy The end of the long dark night is finally here. And a Hero for the … Continue reading