New York Comic Con 2012 – Day Two Plus COSPLAY of the DAY


And the crowds descend upon the Javits Center, on the far West Side of Midtown Manhattan (the MTA can’t finish the 7 train extension fast enough for me). Seriously there were a lot of you folks there today, and I got to meet a whole bunch of you! It was a crazy day with lots … Continue reading

New York Comic Con 2012 – Day One. Plus COSPLAY of the DAY

Now if these two ladies had been in the movie, it would have been a lot better! (thanks Scarlet Stepford for this pic)

Has it been a year already? Fall has always been a favorite time of year of mine,  there are non-geek reasons why,  I love College Football (GO BLUE!) and the Yankees are always in the post-season, and late September/early October is just  the best time to walk and explore all New York City has to … Continue reading

Read of the Week – Aquaman #7


Aquaman is my read of the week. Wow, did I just type that?  Aquaman?  The guy who talks to fish? Who’d have thought that? Ok seriously though, since even before the New 52, going back to Brightest Day, Geoff Johns said he was going to make A-Man huge, and he was not kidding. He’s managed … Continue reading

Exile on Comics – The Pull list 1/6/10

Hey there Happy New Year, and welcome to the first Pull list for 2010. You know the drill – If you haven’t already – go check out the Exile’s Read of the Week – Cinderella, From Fabletown with Love January may be a skip month for the Blackest Night core book, this month sees not … Continue reading

Exile’s Read of the Week – 12/30/09

Blackest Night #6 Story: Geoff Johns Art: Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert & Joe Prado Cover: Ivan Reis, Oclair Albert & Joe Prado Publisher: DC If it’s the only book that I buy this week, is it really the Read of the Week? It is if it kicks this much ass. The Long Blackest Night has … Continue reading

Exile’s Read of the Week – 12/23/09

Green Lantern #49 Story: Geoff Johns Art: Ed Benes and Jerry Ordway Cover: Ed Benes Alternative Cover:Rudolpho Migliari Publisher: DC “Only the dead men have seen the end of war” – Plato It’s with this quote that Johns begins the tale of John Stewart’s Blackest Night. Death surrounds Green Lanterns, but few have been touched … Continue reading


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