The Sky is Falling

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As long as there has been science fiction, alien invasion has been a staple of the genre.  Beginning with HG Wells immortal classic “War of the Worlds” (Which has been redone, and re-interpreted several times) popular fiction has embraced the alien invasion story, from the 50′s monster and saucer movies to recent summer blockbusters like … Continue reading

Exile’s Read of the Week 3/9/11

SUPERBOY #5 Story: Jeff Lemire Art: Pier Gallo Cover: Eddy Barrows, JP Mayer & Grant Alternate Cover: Francis Manapul Publisher: DC A $2.99 Comic It was a particularly good week for comics, and picking a Read of the Week was a difficult one. (Unlike the past couple of weeks, where, while decent, there was no … Continue reading

Exile on TV – Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour

DOCTOR WHO The Eleventh Hour BBC (3 April) (BBC America 17 April) Starring: Matth Smith Karen Gillan Written by Steven Moffat Directed by Adam Smith Hello Doctor 11, with your youthful looks, and blimey, that chin, your manic entrance, and still not ginger. Here’s to you, take us someplace… fantastic. Look out below! That was … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube – Doctor Who: The Waters of Mars

DOCTOR WHO The Waters of Mars BBC (15 Nov) (BBC America 19 Dec) Starring: David Tennant, and Lindsey Duncan Written by Russell T. Davies and Phil Fold Directed by Graeme Harper The Red Planet. Mars. That is the setting of this latest Doctor Who Special, the second special of 2009. The Doctor has stumbled into … Continue reading

Comic of the week – 9/30/09

The Last Days of Animal Man #5 (of 6) Writer: Gerry Conway Penciller: Chris Batista Inkers: Dave Meikis & Wayne Faucher Cover: Brian Bolland Publisher: DC With all the big name projects going on at DC right now (Blackest Night, Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin) it might be very easy to miss this gem of … Continue reading

Who Watches the Watchmen

For nearly 3 hours I sat, in the dark, with this beautiful woman, a woman I waited years to be with… and then she proceeded to give me a hand job, a hand job that, while technically proficient failed utterly at its true purpose, and failed in giving the intended conclusion. No Happy Ending I … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube: Doctor Who – Series 4 The Stolen Earth

Doctor Who Season 4 Episodes 12 The Stolen Earth If you are currently watching Doctor Who on the Sci Fi Channel  stop reading this now, because this is my review of the 2 part season finale, and it will contain spoilers. PUT THAT BOOK DOWN, SPOILERS! So lets talk about what has come before first.  … Continue reading


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