Twelve’s Night – Doctor Who: Deep Breath

  Over the last 3 weeks, Peter Capaldi, the actor playing the Twelfth Doctor met the world.  Now the world has met Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. Before tonight, maybe 10,000 lucky people in the world had gotten to see the Series 8 première in its final form during the Doctor Who World Tour. (Plus bunch more folks who downloaded an unfinished black and white version sent out to for translation purposes internationally).  But now, its aired simulcast around many parts of the world.  And the internet is buzzing with fan reactions for the new Doctor. Everybody always remembers an entrance and … Continue reading

Comic Book Review – Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 from Titan Comics

Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor #1 Writers: Nick Abadzis Artist:  Elena Casagrande with Michele Pasta Cover Artist: Alice X. Zhang Alternative Covers by Elena Casagrande, Rob Farmer, Warren Pleece, & Alice X. Zhang Publisher: Titan Comics Quick Take: A new era of begins, as Titan Comics takes over the Doctor Who license and launchs not one but two new Doctor Who series this week, each featuring a different Doctor. (A third series featuring the incoming 12th Doctor, Peter Capaldi debuts in October). This series features the 1oth Doctor (David Tennant) in new adventures set between the end of Series 4, and … Continue reading

Video Game Review – Watch Dogs

When Watch Dogs was announced at E3 in 2012, all eyes in the gaming world were on this new IP from Ubisoft. On track to launch with the new consoles, Watch Dogs was at the top of everyone’s list for game of the year. Then delays hit pushing it back to a much later release. Finally the game has come out, and now we find out if  the push back was worth the wait. The short answer is yes…  but only just. Graphically the game looks good enough.  The only game I’d compare it to was Grand Theft Auto V, … Continue reading

Godzilla really is King of the monsters!

When you hear Godzilla there are many things that come to mind: A giant lizard in a rubber suit; a Japanese monster film with odd plots; and finally, the 1998 film with Matthew Broderick. This new Godzilla movie is nothing like its predecessors. Sure it has amazing special effects, suspense, and great monsters – but it has a real story – a plot! We all know the regular Godzilla drill, but this film is different. I wanted to make my first post on the Geeksville site my own, but I cannot touch the review by Andrew O’Hehir. Please note … Continue reading

Comic Book Review – Rai #1 from Valiant Comics

RAI #1 Writer: Matt Kindt Art: Clayton Crain Cover: Clayton Crain Alternative Covers: Bryan Hitch, Stephen Segovia, Raul Allen, Khari Evans, Trevor Hairsine, David Aja & Raul Allen (see gallery below) Publisher: Valiant Comics Quick Take: A lush looking, fast moving comic set 20 centuries from now, but with a film noir vibe. Kmur, but it’s Crain’s visuals that really take takes this book to the next level. Valiant knocks it out of the park again with this first issue. OUR SCORE: 9/10 There are few things I enjoy more than picking up the first issue of new comic book … Continue reading