Who Watches the Watchmen

For nearly 3 hours I sat, in the dark, with this beautiful woman, a woman I waited years to be with… and then she proceeded to give me a hand job, a hand job that, while technically proficient failed utterly at its true purpose, and failed in giving the intended conclusion. No Happy Ending I just described my experience with the film “WATCHMEN”. It was gorgeous to look at, and in the end had little heart in what it was doing. That is not to say there weren’t moments I enjoyed, it just didn’t truly fulfill on its intentions or … Continue reading

Exile on the Tube: Doctor Who – Series 4 The Stolen Earth

Doctor Who Season 4 Episodes 12 The Stolen Earth If you are currently watching Doctor Who on the Sci Fi Channel  stop reading this now, because this is my review of the 2 part season finale, and it will contain spoilers. PUT THAT BOOK DOWN, SPOILERS! So lets talk about what has come before first.  The fourth series of Doctor Who has been very good, if some what uneven,  I was glad to see the Sontarans, but thought the story was a bit stretched over 2 parts.  The Doctor’s Daughter was full of promise, but didn’t fully deliver (but wasn’t … Continue reading