Square Enix is releasing a new Nintendo 3DS game Thetrythm Final Fantasy Curtain Call. this September 16th. This game remixes the classic Final Fantasy music written by Nobuo Uematsu, 221 songs from the entire 25 year-long Final Fantasy franchise. In concert with the game, Square Enix is running the Legacy of Music contest.   Fans can  show off their own version of the iconic Main Theme of Final Fantasy. They can hum, sing, whistle, or play the Main Theme on any instrument of their choice.  The winners get a ton of cool Final Fantasy prizes, and have their version of … Continue reading

Video Game Review – Watch Dogs

When Watch Dogs was announced at E3 in 2012, all eyes in the gaming world were on this new IP from Ubisoft. On track to launch with the new consoles, Watch Dogs was at the top of everyone’s list for game of the year. Then delays hit pushing it back to a much later release. Finally the game has come out, and now we find out if  the push back was worth the wait. The short answer is yes…  but only just. Graphically the game looks good enough.  The only game I’d compare it to was Grand Theft Auto V, … Continue reading

May the Fourth Be With You – Happy Star Wars Day

Do you think that the creators of Free Comic Book Day had it mind to put their event so close to “Star Wars Day”? Well, it probably wasn’t in their decision making process, but just a happy accident that the two geek-tastic events happen so close to one another. (In 2015 will be the same day!) May the Fourth is actually my father’s birthday.   I have been greeting him on his birthday with “May the Fourth be with you” for quite some, going on at least 25 years.  I wish I could say it was something I just came up … Continue reading

Video Game Review: Trials Fusion

Check out the trial version of Trials Fusion, available now for download on Xbox 360 and PlayStation®4 system, and available on April 24 for Windows PC. For the latest information on Trials Fusion, please visit: For the latest on all of Ubisoft’s games, please visit:      

Did You All Meet Rob?

You may have noticed a few new pieces here lately.  Some of those articles are about video games. Now I know you are thinking, Dave, when did the Exile get so into video games.  Well I always liked video games, but I haven’t written about them much because, well to be honest, I am not that good at them.  So why the sudden focus on them?  Because we have a new contributing writer here in Geeksville. If you haven’t already, say hello to Rob Martino. Rob has a real passion for the indie game scene, so be sure to check … Continue reading