Ben Affleck Directing the Next Batman Movie?

This may be exciting news for some of you, and horrifying news to the rest.  Ben Affleck is reportedly writing and directing the Batman movie. While the news may make some fans nervous, it shouldn’t. The incumbent actor in the bat-suit has a successful track record as a director and writer. He directed for the best picture Oscar-winning Argo, and famously won an Oscar for screenwriting Good Will Hunting with frequent collaborator and friend Matt Damon. Any possible Batman film will wait for now. Affleck, currently filming Suicide Squad and Justice League will star in the adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s novel Live … Continue reading

Is Netflix Developing a Legend of Zelda Series?

  Netflix is reportedly developing the popular video game series The Legend of Zelda into a live action series for the popular streaming service, according the the Wall Street Journal. The report says things are still early, and there is not currently any creative team attached, in fact neither Netflix, nor Nintendo have officially commented on a possible net series. Nintendo has not had much luck with live action adaptions (Anyone remember the disaster that was the Super Mario Bros. Movie?)  Since then the video game giant has been very protective of their franchises, and Zelda is one of their … Continue reading

Has Batman v Superman Found Its Robin?

  Variety is reporting that an unnamed extra working on Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice in Michigan as told a local news outlet that Robin will be female. The film, shooting in Michigan, had filmed a scene involving Bruce Wayne (Ben Afleck) and Lex Luthor (Jesse Eisenberg) on the campus of Michigan State University where WILX-10 News reporter Kirk Montgomery spoke with one of the extras who spilled the beans. ““I’ve also learned that the character of Robin is now female,” Montgomery told his news audience.  His source, interviewed on camera, but with his or her face hidden, and … Continue reading