Valiant Prepares to Conquer the Multiplex

Coming soon to a theatre near you,  Valiant Comics presents… Valiant Comics has been working hard week in and week out to build up a character driven, compelling comic book universe to rival that of the big two, Marvel and DC Comics.   While they may not put out 52 comics a month, they have focused on quality storytelling by some of the industry’s top talent.  And now they are ready to join the other companies at theaters and TV networks around the world.Valiant has announced today, in the New York Times that they have partnered with DMG Entertainment to produce … Continue reading

Spider-Man’s In the MCU! So… What’s Next.

Fans of Superhero movies, in general, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe all celebrated this week as it was announced that Sony and Disney made a deal that will bring the two movie universes together and bring the web-slinger into the Avengers fold.  So how will all that happen?  That’s the question on the lips of everyone who loves the Marvel Movie universe, and probably more than a handful of people at Sony, Disney and Marvel films. To speculate on what Sony and Marvel have in mind for Spider-Man, we first need to look at what exactly they have agreed too. … Continue reading

Spider-Man Comes Home to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Marvel and Disney bring one of their prodigal characters back into the fold. Even if they have to share him with Sony Pictures, they have to happy that Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The wall-crawling hero next appearance on the silver screen will be in one of the upcoming Marvel films (want to bet it’s Captain America Civil War?  though he could cameo in Dr. Strange, since he’s New York based). This deal between the studios will also allow Marvel characters to also appear in Spider-Man movies produced by Sony, perhaps as early as 2017 when the next Spider-Man … Continue reading