Nevermind Game Showcase

While at Indiecade East, I met Forest Handford who was showcasing the game Nevermind. This game was created by Flying Mollusk with Creative Director Erin Reynolds and Creative Producer Michael Annetta. Nevermind is a first person thriller puzzle adventure. Here you play as a Neuroprober, who goes in the minds of psychological trauma victims. The great addition to Nevermind is how the game is able to gain your level of stress while navigating through these stories. A webcam was on top of the screen during the demo, monitoring my eye movement. This was an incredible addition to the game, one I have … Continue reading

Indie Showcase: Nidhogg

I’m excited to show off Nidhogg in our Indie Showcase month Enjoy! Nidhogg is a fast paced sword dueling indie game from developers Kristy Norindrand and Mark Essen, of Messhof Inc. Created in the retro pixel art style, it’s visually impressive. It has 4 challenge areas that vary the play style. Some of the features include a single player arcade mode, 2 player local and online multiplayer, and local tournament mode. It has a ton of games modes including Slow Mode, Low Gravity, and Turbo Mode. It extremely fun game and emphasis on multiplier makes it a blast with friends. … Continue reading

Indie Games and Music Take over PAX East

This is a guest blog, written by videogame  and music Exile – Rob Martino Rob made it to PAX EAST this past weekend, and had this report from the Indy Game scene. In the gaming world commercial titles like Call of Duty and Assassins Creed get all the spotlight. Though at PAX East its time for the indie games to shine.  The indie companies are the highlight of this conference.  They come from around the world, to show, a lot for the very first time there games. Its amazing to see so many developers have great new ideas.  Here is … Continue reading