Sherlock Wins Big at the Emmys

Sherlock - His Last Vow

  BBC hit series Sherlock brought home Seven Emmy Awards between this evening’s 66th Annual Prime Time Emmys, and the Creative Arts Emmy Awards, which were given out on Saturday August 16th.  More than any other program this year.  The series ran on PBS, making it eligible.     This is the first year the show had won one of the coveted golden statues, despite having been nominated every year it has been eligible.   Since 2011, … Continue reading

Twelve’s Night – Doctor Who: Deep Breath

Doctor Who Series 8 - The Doctor

  Over the last 3 weeks, Peter Capaldi, the actor playing the Twelfth Doctor met the world.  Now the world has met Peter Capaldi’s Doctor. Before tonight, maybe 10,000 lucky people in the world had gotten to see the Series 8 première in its final form during the Doctor Who World Tour. (Plus bunch more folks who downloaded an unfinished black and white version sent out to for translation purposes internationally).  But now, its aired … Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 8 Episode Titles Revealed


With Series 8 less than a week away, the BBC has announced the titles for all 12  episodes, as well as the writers and directors for each installment.  Clara’s coworker and new recurring character Danny Pink, played by Samuel Anderson will make his début in Episode 2, Into the Dalek.  Clara and Danny are both teachers at the Coal Hill School, where once, a long time ago, the Doctor’s grand-daughter, Susan (Carol Ann Ford) attended.  It was … Continue reading

Doctor Who World Tour – New York Sells Out In Minutes; Sydney Live Stream Canceled


  Tickets went on sale today for the Doctor Who World Tour event in New York City, and if you weren’t fast enough, you probably didn’t get tickets.  The link for tickets went out via BBC America’s twitter, and fans were limited to 2 tickets each.  But that didn’t stop the approximately 1100 tickets for New York’s Zigfield theatre from running out in less than 10 minutes.   The event takes place this thursday at 7:30pm … Continue reading

Doctor Who World Tour – UPDATE NEW YORK


  So, this came in today… UPDATE:  The event sold out in less than 10 minutes. I think that says it all.