It’s official – Tennant and Piper in the 50th Anniversary Doctor Who Special

Doctor's 10 and 11

The BBC officially announced a (partial) cast list for this fall’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special, and to no one’s real surprise, David Tennant has been confirmed as appearing.  How ever, there was a second somewhat unexpected name announced.  No,  not him.  Billie Piper will be along with Tennant when the two Doctors meet up … Continue reading

A Doctor Who P.S. – Brian gets a letter.

Brian WilliamsPS

The Doctor Who Fall Season finale had to feature what I called the saddest happy ending every told.  If you haven’t seen the episode, go watch it right now. One of the saddest things about it, for me, was we never found out if Rory’s Dad, Brian,  every found out what became of his son … Continue reading

Doctor Who Shooting in NYC!

DOctor Who Cast

Be  on the lookout for a large Blue Box somewhere in Manhattan, New York. If you see this box, or a tall bushy haired madman in a bow tie, a leggy redhead, or the 2,000 year old Roman Centurion she is married to, run, you are advised to keep your head down, and run. And … Continue reading

The Girl We Waited For, and the Boy Who Waited for Her.

2 Amies

If you haven’t been impressed with Karen Gillan’s work as companion Amy Pond on Doctor Who before,  then this week’s episode, The Girl Who Waited should make you a fan, of both the character, and the talented young actress playing her. Amy Pond has been a very popular addition to small group of lucky folks … Continue reading

Doctor Who Returns! – Let’s Kill Hitler


After a long summer off, the Last of the Time Lords returns to BBC America, and just in time. When we last left the Doctor and his friends at the end of  A Good Man Goes to War, it was at the base in Demon Alley.  The identity of River Song had just been revealed, … Continue reading

Doctor Who Trailer – Episodes 8-13


Doctor Who is coming back, and it’s about time! The second half of the 6th Season will begin this August 27, airing on BBC America at  9pm, with episode 8 “Let’s Kill Hitler”. The BBC has not confirmed the date, but it can be expect soon. Here is the HD trailer for the second half … Continue reading

Doctor Who Series 7 – Who’s at fault for this Space-Time Conundrum?


So apparently there won’t be  a full (13) run of episodes of Doctor Who in 2012 as reported by Private Eye magazine. ( And this is how the TV on the BBC differs greatly from American TV.     Even though the BBC has order 14 episodes for 2012 (the standard 13 plus the now traditional Doctor … Continue reading

A Good Series takes a break – DOCTOR WHO – the First Half


It’s been quite a year so far for the Doctor.  First thing he did was die, and  its only got more exciting from there. We heard the Silence with Richard Nixon, swashbuckled with pirates, and was seen “in the flesh” so to speak.   And now that a good man has gone to war, we know … Continue reading

The Impossible Astronaut – A (mostly) Spoiler-free review.


DOCTOR WHO – SERIES 6 The Impossible Astronaut Starring: Matt Smith Karen Gillan Arthur Darvill Alex Kensington Mark Sheppard Spring has come. The flowers are returning. Baseball is being played. And most importantly, DOCTOR WHO is back on the BBC, and BBC America. I have been anxiously awaiting the new season of Doctor Who, with … Continue reading

Exile on TV – Doctor Who – Series 5 – Follow Me…

DOCTOR WHO Series 5 (11th Doctor – Series 1) BBC BBC America Starring: Matt Smith Karen Gillan Alex Kingston Arthur Darvil Executive Producers: Steven Moffat Piers Wenger Beth Willis Writers: Steven Moffat (6 episodes) Mark Gatiss (1 episode) Toby Whithouse (1 episode) Simon Nye (1 episode) Chris Chibnall (2 episodes) Richard Curtis (1 episode) Gareth … Continue reading


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