New Flash Trailer – The Fastest Man Alive


  Up until now, the CW has focused on the lighter side of the super-heroics with its ad campaign for freshman series The Flash, catching arrows, and speed traps and the like. But the newest trailer which began airing this week focuses a bit more on the dangers of being the “Fastest Man Alive”,  and along the way showcases some of the pretty cool speed effects, which, for a show about a super speedster, is … Continue reading

Things Get Cold as Flash’s Rogues Begin to Multiply


  There is an old Arabian proverb, “A man can be judge by the reputation of his enemies.” By that saying, The Flash could be considered one of comics greatest heroes.  In the comics, the Flash’s villains are one of the most formidable, albeit, colorful group.  The core group of the Scarlet Speedster forming a cabal known as The Rogues.  Despite being criminals, the Rogues are known for operating with in a code of honor among … Continue reading

The Flash Pilot Leaked to the Internet, but Is It Any Good?


  The Flash made it out into the world a little faster than expected. The pilot for the new superhero series was leaked via a publicity screener, and has found it’s way to various file sharing websites. I’ve heard a few folks say that the leak was planned, to help build buzz going in to Comic-Con, where the episode received it’s first public screening as part of A Night of DC Entertainment. But that can’t … Continue reading

This 5 Minute Preview of The Flash Gives You A Need for Speed


So you watched last night’s Arrow season finale and got look at the first teaser for this fall’s Flash television series.  If you are anything like me, you wanted to see more right away.  Well the CW must have read my mind because today at it’s upfronts it debuted a new 5 minute preview.  Haven’t seen it yet? Here it is! Some immediate thoughts… “My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man … Continue reading

Top 10 Characters We Want To See in the CW’s FLASH


A new Flash TV series is coming this fall, spinning out of the CW’s hit series Arrow. Arrow has been filled with appearences by DC characters, both well known and obscure.   Deathstroke, Black Canary, Count Vertigo, the Huntress, KGBeast, Bronze Tiger and the rest Suicide Squad have all played major parts in the series.  Other DC elements have been referenced, like Markovia, Khandaq, Ra’s al Ghul have been mentioned, and of course their was the cameo of … Continue reading