Comic Preview – Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1

  Since gaining the Doctor Who license in 2014, Titan Comics launched 3 ongoing series, based on the hit BBC TV series, about the crusading Time Lord known only as the Doctor.  They currently publish comics starring the 10th (David Tennant), 11th (Matt Smith) and the 12th and current Doctor (Peter Capaldi). This week a fourth series joins them, as Titan releases Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1.   Unlike the other three series, The Ninth Doctor is a 5 issue miniseries, not an ongoing.    It will be the first of a series of miniseries to feature the other nine … Continue reading

Christopher Eccelston Made One Last Trip in the TARDIS, in the Name of Love

  The Ninth Doctor’s run in the TARDIS was sadly too short for most fans.   Christopher Eccelston left the show after just one season, never to return to the Blue Box, after reportedly falling out with the show’s creators.  Not even the show’s 50th anniversary special could coax the reclusive actor back into his leather jacket and jumper for another go at playing the 900-year-old Time Lord from Gallifrey. Eccelston’s one season as the Doctor sparked the shows revival to become the global phenomenon it is today. And the show’s legions of fans have not forgotten him. And he hasn’t … Continue reading

NYCC 2014 – Titan Comics – DOCTOR WHO Panel

  With it’s two past (10th and 11th) Doctor ongoing series already out, and its third series, featuring the 12th Doctor, debuting this upcoming Wednesday (But if you are at the con, you can pick it up now). Titan Comics announced today they will be adding a 4th Doctor Who title! Which of the first 9 Doctor will this series feature?   All of them! The newest Doctor Who series will be a series of mini-series, with rotating creators, featuring a different Doctor from the show’s 50 year history.  The first arc, arriving in comic shops in March will feature the … Continue reading