Heroes are Reborn at SDCC15

You can never keep a hero down, or Heroes, as the case may be. At Sunday’s panel for the 13 episode miniseries Heroes Reborn,  the 6000+ Hall H crowd got their first look at the sequel series, and they did not leave dissappointed.  Heroes was a huge surprise hit for NBC back in 2006, and ran four seasons, though some fans may say that the show peaked early and grew tired, story-wise.  Show runner Tim Kring wants you all to know, “We’ve had a long rest, a good night’s sleep, and we are ready to save the world again.” The show … Continue reading

Heroes Reborn Super Bowl Tease

  The Super Bowl, when millions of people around the world, gather around their television sets, to watch as the auto industry, Hollywood, and Dot Com’s  all try to sell you on their latest wares. Oh, yeah  there is a football game too. NBC, which aired the game this year, aired a 15 second teaser for their upcoming sequel mini-series Heroes Reborn, a follow up to the 2006 surprise hit show Heroes, which ran for 4 seasons and 78 episodes. The show, which hasn’t begun production yet, will air sometime in late 2015.   There will be 13 episodes.     … Continue reading

4 Awesome years of #CHUCK in 7.5 minutes

So you haven’t been listening to the Exile these past few years and you haven’t been watching CHUCK, the awesome Spy-fi Rom-Com on NBC.  SHAME ON YOU. Well now you have been  told by so many fans of the show that you really should tune in.  And you’ve thought about, but you figured the shows been on for 4 years, it’s probably to confusing to get into it. So why bother?  Well the Producers of CHUCK were thinking of you at the Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo (C2E2) and put together this AWESOME series recap which pretty much tells you … Continue reading

#Chuck versus the A-Team, a Geek-view

“These have a camera that scans for any bio residue” “Yuck, sounds like a CBS show.” Well Chuck, those CBS shows must be doing something right, since there are like 30 of them. Of course Chuck does a few thing right too, but of late the show has been uneven.  Some say that the removal of romantic tension has robbed the show of it’s drive.  There is something to be said for that.  The thrill is in the hunt, after all, never in the capture.  But the show has taken the road it has, for better or for worse so … Continue reading